Authentic Leadership & System Dynamics in Organizations

ALSDO© is the two-day intense, purposeful and highly interactive Authentic Leadership and System Dynamics in Organizations program©, was created by Olivier Onghena-‘t Hooft and will address both the individual leadership dimension and the organizational system dynamic dimension.

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Joy through Noble Purpose

Joy Through Noble Purpose© is a two-day meaningful, spiritual, intense and highly interactive transformational experience, created by Olivier Onghena-‘t Hooft and will address several dimensions of what drives us in life and how we can become truly free and accomplished Men & Women, realizing that special thing we were born for in this life.

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Teachings about the Essence of Life

How do we function as human beings? What drives our motivation & decisions? What is our deeper unity and coherence? How does ego influence us? How to be(come) a complete human being? How relevant is it to be at the service of others? What can we learn from the Hindu philosophy?

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