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Authentic Leadership & System Dynamics in Organizations

•   The economical, geopolitical, ecological, systemic and societal paradigm shifts increasingly require from Leaders and their organizations to play a pivotal transformational role at the service of Humankind, Society and the World.
•   Organizations of the future will be those where the leaders inspire all co-workers to self-actualize through why they do what they do really matters and serves the higher purpose the organization stands for. That development needs different organizational cultures, where consciousness, harmony and full engagement will become the natural path to exceptional sustainable positive impact and great results.
•   Inspiring authentic leadership and the very subtle yet complex system dynamics in organizations have therefore to be integrated again, because the leader and the system can’t operate in a sustainable successful way when separated from each other and when not serving a higher purpose.
•   These complex and intense paradigm shifts call for exemplary leaders, who are
fully authentic with their higher purpose, who know how to get inspiration and information from the ‘universal wisdom’ and from Nature, who are visionary architects able to transform organizations in positively impacting systems, and who have the capacity to transform themselves, show humanity and embrace vulnerability.
•   In that context ALSDO©, the two-day intense, purposeful and highly interactive Authentic Leadership and System Dynamics in Organizations program©, was created by Olivier Onghena-‘t Hooft and will address both the individual leadership dimension and the organizational system dynamic dimension.

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