Swami Bodhananda 1 BW
  • July 2019, Monday 15th - Friday 19th
  • At the Belgian North Sea, in our Knokke-le-Zoute home

Teachings about the Essence of Life

based on the Gita & Vedanta texts by Swami Bodhananda

Context & Purpose

  • In Life there are moments one never forgets because of their relevance, their impact and their beauty. This is exactly what I experienced after having spent 8 intense days at Swami Bodhananda’s ashram in Michigan, US. What I learned was spiritually elevating and inspiring. And especially very pragmatic and useable in my everyday life.
  • Indian Swami Bodhananda is a renowned teacher of keen observation, sharp analytical thinking, subtle perception and an integral vision, all marked by unconditional compassion for anyone and everyone who comes to him. His analysis of any issue, whether it is of geopolitical importance, or philosophical abstraction, or psychological complexity, always brings with it nuanced clarity coupled with connected and unified presentation. Hence, anyone who meets him finds the issue of discussion retold in an exhaustive, lucid, and connected manner. He believes in the fundamental unity of life, and in freedom of the individual as the uncompromisable value. Swami Bodhananda is the spiritual guidance and inspiration for Sambodh and its sister institutions in India, North America and the rest of the world. All information on Swami Bodhananda on http://www.sambodh.org/B/sb.html
  • Having Swami Bodhananda accepting to come to Belgium – he will be here for the first time ! – is an honor for me and a unique opportunity to share with 12 others, who feel that such a week of deep diving, self-reflection and learning comes at the right moment for them. Doing this in the summer will add a special flavor to the journey.
  • What themes are on the agenda? How do we function as human beings? What drives our motivation & decisions? What is our deeper unity and coherence? What is our soal & our spirit? From which place (higher self, interactive self or material self) do we live our life and how does ego influence us? How to be(come) a complete human being (and for those who are leaders, a complete leader)? How relevant is it to be at the service of others? What can we learn from the Hindu philosophy that is useable and applicable in our Western way of living?
  • We will also do yogic breathing (pranayama), specific forms of envigorating energy-body work and will meditate under the guidance of Swami Bodhananda. Walks and talks on the beach and in nature are also foreseen.


  • Invitation is open to all those who want to learn from a very developed and inspired Indian guru, using the Baghavad Gita and the vedantic scriptures as source, and how that is translated into practical useable information for our daily life and leadership. The divine and spiritual presence of Swami Bodhananda will invoke an inner and self-giving motivation in us to connect with our greatness, to leave our inner conflicts and dilemmas, to  experience the full flowering of our respective spirits and unity, and discover our truth. Are you ready to explore what your ultimate truth is?
  • There are only 12 places as I want to keep the journey intense and intimate. I’ll select on a first come-first serve basis. Although the journey is open to everyone, I want to privilege those who are seekers (of their truth), who are interested in spirituality in general and their spirituality in particular, who want to learn about themselves from a very deep and unique perspective, and who are willing to share with and learn from others.
  • The journey takes place Monday 15th – Friday 19th of July 2019, every day from 10am to 5.30pm. Each of the 5 days will start with meditation and respiratory work. We will have time for walks in nature, inspiring group talks, moments to relax and integrate individually, and also just enjoy the summer evenings. Although you are free after 5.30pm I do recommend you stay in Knokke to spend time with the other participants and yourself.
  • We will be a self-organizing group: we will organize our breaks and lunches, and – for those who will stay in Knokke – what happens before and after the teachings, where we go for dinner, what we do to relax, etcetera.
  • Everybody organizes own lodging. As it is summer, don’t hesitate to do it fast! Eventually you can consider to take an airbnb with other participants. Consider my place as ‘base camp’ for the day teachings, breaks and lunches. Everybody brings own yoga mat & meditation cushion.
  • The teachings, breaks and lunches will take place in our Knokke apartment, at the Belgian coast. It’s a cosy place with sea & Zwin dunes view, next to the beach & a nature reserve.
  • The fee for the learning week is 950 EUR per person. This includes the organization, the daily teachings, all breaks and lunches. This does not include your travel costs, lodging and activities before/after the teachings. In case you want an invoice, add 21%. GINPI and I will pay all the costs of Swami Bodhananda and do an additional donation to his foundation.
  • Additional donations to Swami B’s social works, in line with your perceived ’added value’ of the week, are possible at the end. No obligation!

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