1. What we do on individual level

1.1. LovInShip development

A holistic learning process in which a leader gets advice and support to discover, connect with and/or develop his/her so-called ’inner strength’ and ’inspirational wisdom’. It is a deep and fabulous process that helps reveal or clarify beliefs (both positive and limiting), values, needs and fears. We talk about the comfort zone and what needs to come to the surface, i.e. what fears need to be overcome, to be able to step out of it. We help clarify what inspires, boosts the energy and defines the basis for the noble purpose. We help become conscious of which choices to make or key decisions to take, allowing to progress in life (on personal/relationship, social and professional level).
The force of loving leadership and inspiration sits in the essence of Humankind and is revealed by helping leaders connect with their true self, with their four bodies (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual) and with the essence of Nature. It’s about becoming free and act from deep alignment with self.
LovInShip is a prerequisite for any leader who leads complex systems or large organizations.

1.2. Executive mentoring

An intensive holistic approach where we help leaders explore their potential for growth and succes, confront their recurring issues and patterns that hinder that progress, build their own insights and self-awareness and develop their own unique ways of handling how they interact with themselves, others and their business. It’s actually about being a mirror to them. We use current issues to examine recurrent patterns of thinking and behaviour, asking penetrating questions and stimulating the leader to take control of issues s/he has avoided. Development of specific competencies is not the goal but can be the indirect result of the work done together.
We only embark on real journeys that take between 9 tot 18 months, the time needed to truly transform.
Sometimes we are asked to be advisers to leaders going through very exciting or very challenging times, where they need to realign and reconnect, have a neutral, external, second opinion.
We always link the personal dynamics with organizational responsibility and impact.

1.3. Executive coaching

A teaching or training process in which a leader gets support while learning to achieve a specific personal or professional result or goal. It is often a short-term process based on clearly defined skills to develop. It can also be closely shadowing an executive for a period of time to observe what he/she does and provide objective feedback.
The structures, models and methodologies of coaching we use are numerous, and may be designed to facilitate learning new behaviour for personal growth, or professional advancement. Often we use a style in which we ask questions and offer opportunities that will challenge to find answers from within one-self. This ’socratic method’ facilitates the learner to discover answers and new ways of being based on their values, preferences and unique perspective.