2.1. Board & executive team alignment

Organizations that are successful are those where the board of directors/supervisory board and the board of management/executive committee are aligned to support together the realization of the noble purpose the organization stands for. When (the representatives of) the shareholders and the members of top management support each other to help the organizational purpose come to life and take it’s full place, truly impressive things happen in organizations.

We help boards and executive committees to get aligned on the organizational noble purpose.
We help alignment come in by using principles of council, collaboration, systemic intelligence and organizational dynamics.

The central methodology is always the House of Noble Purpose.

2.2. Board & executive team achievement

An integration process of the hard and the soft parameters that make a board or a team evolve from sub-optimal or standard performance to high achievement.

We accompany boards and executive teams to evolve from conflict mode to collaboration mode, from fighting against each other with opposing positions to working together for collective interests, driven by a shared noble purpose.
We help the team members become crystal clear what the noble purpose, the values and the culture of their ‘system’ can or should be.
We help them become aware of and create clarity on their respective roles and accountabilities, their relationships and the processes.
Our interventions sometimes take the form of team building (with outdoor activities). Sometimes it requires team coaching where the team is observed in their meetings, in the interaction between the team members and in the interaction of the team members with their direct reports and leaders.