3. What we do on organizational level

3.1. Bring noble purpose to the center stage

Noble purpose is the essence of any organization. It’s the fuel, the reason of existence, the deeper force, the ‘raison d’être’.
Noble purpose boosts engagement, dedication, belonging and performance of coworkers and leads to measurable increased performance and feeling of flow.
Noble purpose is what people really want to work for in order to feel their contribution is meaningful; it’s what engages them to their work and role.
Noble purpose is what attracts the right customers and suppliers, what makes customers ambassadors of your products or services, what makes suppliers partners who go long term instead of transactional.
Noble purpose is so much more than next quarter results, turnover, EBITDA, market share or great marketing slogans!

We help leaders and shareholders to (re)connect with noble purpose: their own, the one from the founders or the new one that is needed for the organizational transformation. And we give noble purpose the central place in all there is: leadership, strategy & tactics, culture (with values & guiding principles).

We accompany leaders to (re)discover why they and their organizations do what they do, and how they can do that at the service of society and Humankind. And we build from there, through our House of Noble Purpose methodology, a new approach to leadership (LovInShip), organizational culture (from KPI’s to CPI’s – Caring for People Indicators) and strategy deployment (with least input create most output).

3.2. Develop the right organizational culture

‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’ is an often heard quote.
And we believe it because we have seen many clients whose organizations had solid strategies but weak performance and lousy achievements because of the inappropriate cultures (i.e. cultures that did not support the deployment of the strategy). A strong organizational culture guarantees a competitive advantage that is hard to copy – at least in the short term – for others. Culture is the walk and the talk of the leaders, it’s the kind of messages – often non-verbal ! – sent into the organization by the leaders, it’s how who you are as a leader and what values you stand for are brought to Life in your organizational context. Culture sits in the core of the leadership team’s behavior and impacts the entire organizational population. The right culture helps getting all the noses in the same direction and achieving more output with less input.

We help you build the right organizational culture, in line with your noble purpose. We connect noble purpose, leadership, culture and strategy to build high achieving teams and organizations. We do this through the House of Noble Purpose methodology.

3.3. Increase performance through talent management

The entire process of management of human resources or talent, of balancing the efforts of attracting, retaining and developing talent is directly related to the organizational culture you have, and the noble purpose your organization stands for. A strong and sustainable talent management system must be worked into the business strategy and embedded in the overall organizational culture, and must be practiced at all levels of the organization.

We help you rethink why you exist as an organization and why people would want to work for your organization. We help you sharpen the focus on noble purpose and on how to liberate the right amount of work energy, through loving leadership, the right organizational culture and the spirit of inspiration and belonging. We help you transform your organization from a transactional approach to a sustainable approach.