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In 2010 I created the ’Young Leaders-Inspiring Mentors’ program.
The seventh edition of the program was launched Feb 23rd of this year.

Each year a group of fifteen young ambitious leaders and entrepreneurs from different organizations and parts of the country are selected by our committee to form a duo with one of the fifteen renowned and respected (Belgian) leaders of that year’s edition that were invited to join the program. These leaders, who almost instantly agree to participate and support the program, come from the private, the public, the political and the cultural world. We try to have a good mix and sufficient diversity of person(alitie)s and select these leaders for being a reference in their respective areas.

The purpose of ’Young Leaders-Inspiring Mentors’ is to further spread the awareness and direct impact of mentoring in Belgium (and abroad), to let fifteen duos learn from each other and to give the chance to fifteen well selected ’high potential’ young leaders to take advantage of the wisdom and insights from their respective mentor, allowing them to go through an accelerated learning curve.

We also bring them in contact with the insights, ways of doing and personal experiences of other leaders and entrepreneurs.

We organize press moments and interviews to create visibility for the program and the participating duos.

Hereafter you’ll find

  • the application form

Young Leaders-Inspiring Mentors 2018 application document

  • what mentoring is about and what we expect from the mentors

Young Leaders-Inspiring Mentors 2015-Practical info & expectations-For mentors

  • some interviews about the program

YL Greet De Grave & IM Olivier Onghena

Young Leaders-Inspiring Mentors 2014

Trends 2013 09 26-JMWM-Olivier & Bert

  • as well as on Kanaal/Canal Z

Inspiring Mentors overview 2018 > 2011

Watch the videos

For those interested to be part of the next group of young leaders or inspiring mentors feel free to contact me.