The NDE Declaration on Unconditional Love Amsterdam, 2019

Why I’ve endorsed the NDE Declaration on Unconditional Love,

People who have had a near-death experience (NDE) have had the privilege to look beyond the separation between life and death. Most NDEs occur during a critical medical situation – such as a cardiac arrest or a serious accident – or during an existential (psychological) crisis, but they also sometimes occur during other circumstances such as deep meditation.

During the experience the consciousness of near-death expericncers (NDErs) is in a timeless world without physical limitations, which is described by them as much more real than the earthly world. NDErs are convinced that they will return to this extraordinary world once their physical bodies die permanently. They are also convinced that everyone will access this world after their bodies die. No one is excluded. So consciousness does not end after death. Rather, it is eternal.

During their experience a great number of NDErs have had contact with an entity they often identify as the Being of Light. In this Declaration it is referred to as The Universal Light because it represents an infinite energy and an infinite power that is universal and supersedes everything humans know. Each and every one of us is part of it, and the essence of The Universal Light is unconditional Love.

But also when NDErs have not had direct contact with The Universal Light they get to see a glimpse of the essence of what there is after Earthly life: unconditional love for all and everything.

Even though there are millions and millions of people who have had an NDE, there is no solid scientific proof (yet) of the reality of these experiences. Yet there are important indications for their reality, and these occur primarily in the first phase of an NDE when the consciousness of the NDEr leaves the body and observes the material world. During this phase NDErs were able to observe other people, situations or things that could be objectively verified later. There are an overwhelming number of these so-called veridical observations, which supports the conclusion that the consciousness can exist independently from the body.

NDEs occur everywhere in the world, with people of all walks of life. Through their experiences NDErs have very important and positive messages for all people, regardless of their gender, race, nationality, descent, level of wealth, sexual orientation, beliefs, or other characteristic. This Declaration has four messages that can all be traced back to the core message of unconditional love from NDEs.