08/11/2017 – The Importance of Purpose – LEAD-IN Congress La Monnaie

Noble purpose is probably the most revolutionary concept in modern (economic) times! And yet it is as old as Mankind, because noble purpose has almost always been present in the spirit of those who have positively transformed society.

There is no creation, no innovation, no entrepreneurship, no art, no scientific invention, nor philosophy without inspiration that is geared by having that drive, that force, that intention, … that leads man and women to create these exceptional things. Through being genuinely inspired by the meaning one can give to life, all human beings can truly become what they really are. Finding answers to ‘Why do I live?’, ‘What do I want to achieve?’ and ‘What do I want to contribute?’ is telling what one’s noble purpose actually is.

Noble purpose guarantees to find the right balance between the personal, social and professional aspects of life, between the different interests of members of a group or team, between the different interests of all the stakeholders of an enterprise or any kind of organization.

Having a noble purpose guarantees each individual, each group of individuals and each organization to ignite the right energy within the right proportions (the least input for the best output) to make that inspiration come live and achieve unique results.

Our main focus with the upcoming congress is to get a clear understanding of the ‘magic’ behind noble purpose, what it is and what it isn’t, and what the impact of noble purpose is on the individual, the organization and society at large. Speakers from different areas and from different specialties will explain how they use noble purpose and what the impact is. There will be plenty of time to interact with the speakers and with each other to enhance to a maximum the learning experience.

Olivier Onghena – ‘t Hooft

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