Cecilia Bartoli, Leif Ove Andsnes, Patricia Kaas, Rufus Wrainwright, Fred Hirsch trio

We have been to some concerts in November: a baroque singing recital with la Bartoli, a thrilling number of piano concerto’s by Andsnes, who also conducted the orchestra, a jazz night with Hirsch, Kaas’ reinterpretation of Piaf and Wrainwright’s touching singing and crazy ’encore’.

What each of these have in common? Great artists who give the best of themselves and are top in what they do. They all get me to vibrate at a certain stage, have my emotions moving, touch something deeper in me. It always amazes me how music(al performance) helps me, without me being conscious of the process, to connect with my deeper self, to start getting new ideas or get clarity of pending issues. It’s like seeing a deeper layer or a bigger picture by having the music penetrating me.

So this was an intense couple of days, with very diverse styles of music and very different kinds of performances, helping me to get fresh ideas, new thoughts and insights.

Cecilia Bartoli  Wrainwright  Leif Ove Andsnes           

Fred Hirsch