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“There is nothing nearer or dearer to my heart than leadership,” says Hilton’s chief executive  –  03/10/2019

I welcome the fact that an increasing number of leaders recognise the positive effects of having a noble purpose and that media pick that up. Interesting FT article about Hilton CEO Chris Nassetta’s view on leadership and purpose.   read more


A purpose, or a marketing slogan?  –  02/10/2019

Dear Dirk, I’d love to understand better how « empower people to snack right » is a purpose and not ‘just’ a marketing slogan … And also understand what purpose means for you and Mondelez International.   read more


Bit by bit, I’m getting there  –  24/09/2019

December 11th is the official launch of my first book   read more


The need of Noble Purpose in a digitalizing world – 22/01/2019

January 15th I was invited by CIONET, the global network of CIO’s and CTO’s, to give a keynote on the need for noble purpose in a digitalizing world. 120 digital leaders came to listen at the Atomium.   read more


The importance of purpose  –  22/09/2017

Noble purpose is probably the most revolutionary concept in modern (economic) times! And yet it is as old as Mankind, because noble purpose has almost always been present in the spirit of those who have positively transformed society.   read more


We need more, not less Europe  –  29/03/2017

I would have expected the 60th birthday of such a fabulous initiative the EU is, to be more of a genuine celebration. A happy celebration of…   read more


The Beast is dying  –  10/02/2017

Worldwide, we are witnessing many shifts in society and in the way political and social leaders are being regarded. The systems (organisations, governments, political parties, religions, …) and the people within these systems are losing control and there is a sense of chaos and the impression that things are only getting worse.   read more


On leadership – or the lack thereof – in politics  –  10/10/2016

The state of affairs in the US presidential election, the extent of Europe’s understated demonstrations of leadership, and the short-term focus of Belgian political leaders raises the question of what these respective leaders are actually concerned about and how this serves society’s interests or any higher purpose.   read more