Spirit of Humanity Forum – Reykjavík 29&30/05/2019

Creating Inner & Outer Harmony Through Living a Life of Consciousness & Integrity.

This experiential workshop is built around my belief that it is essential for human beings to (re-)connect with their core truth and self-consciousness in a world of difference in order to create and maintain inner and outer harmony and have the desired positive impact on those around them. Through the iceberg model I will guide you to become aware of what drives your behaviour and how that influences (the quality of) interactions with others, i.e. the impact you have on others. You will learn how to transform behaviour by making a deep dive into your iceberg. This workshop intends to have the right balance between a little theory and methodology, quite some self-reflection and abundant sub-group sharing, and lots of pragmatic things to take home.

My workshop is on Friday 30th of May.






The 4th Int’l Spirit of Humanity Forum in Reykjavík is a global platform for leaders and change makers seeking to contribute towards a lasting transformation in the world in which core human values such as love, respect, solidarity and compassion become integrated in our decision-making and relational processes, enabling systemic change in organisations, communities and nations. This is part of our ‘duty of care’ for the Earth and for Humanity at large.

16 different workshops will be offered during the Forum by skilled presenters/facilitators, who are also participants at the Forum. Each workshop is only given once.

More about the Forum : https://www.sohforum.org/

Discover the program : https://preview.mailerlite.com/l7j4f5/1163049801021918740/c9g3/