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Every now and then, you wonder what the purpose of your work can be, or whether your job, even well done, makes sense. The question is not related to your age, to the place you live nor your professional biotope. My professional and life experience confirms that. As for myself, my real questioning started in Bogota, Colombia in January 1994 as the result of a violent kidnapping.

Do I provoke the question since, I do not think so. Life itself provokes the ques- tioning. When looking for an answer we mostly reach a deeper meaning. This exercise leads us to a noble purpose. What is noble purpose? It is answering the question why you do what you do. It is that what you want to do to make the world around you better, bigger than you.

All my thinking and being has been highly influenced by the input coming from very diverse horizons and moments in my life. Through this website you discov- er who I am, what I stand for, what I do, what I am involved in and what I want to achieve in my life in order to contribute to something that surpasses me and my pure material existence. It’s a personal story. It’s my story. It’s subjective and coloured, just as yours. To help you making your life-question a story big- ger than you, I developed the Global Inspiration & Nobel Purpose Institute and organise the Inspirational Moments.

Olivier Onghena – ‘t Hooft