Olivier BW crop

Throughout the years I realized that most of the time we don’t ask ourselves such essential questions as ‘Why do I live?’, ‘What is the noble purpose I give to my Life?’, ‘Why do I do what I do?’

It’s often not until Life confronts us with ourselves, gently or roughly, through defeat, failure, loss, (mental or physical) illness, accidents, … that we start thinking about the meaning we give to our Life.

As for myself, my real questioning why I live and what noble purpose I want to have in life, started in Bogota, Colombia, in January 1994 after a violent kidnapping by the FARC.

Ever since that kidnapping and the intense moments of continuous reflection, self-confrontation and contemplation that followed the years after, I gradually started discovering my path and dedicating my Life to inspiration and to what became my noble purpose: inspiring high impact leaders around the globe to create beauty, harmony and joy for the progress and well-being of Humankind, Society and World.

I have initiated a series of projects and founded several organizations dedicated to bringing, in one or another way, noble purpose to Humankind, to society and into the business world.

Through my website you will discover who I am, what I stand for, what we do and how we do it.
It started from a personal story. My story. A subjective and colored story, just like yours.
And bit by bit what I believe in, defend and promote got structured through the Global Inspiration and Noble Purpose Institute, Wisdom Encounters, Young Leaders-Inspiring Mentors, the Cellura & Onghena Foundation, e.a.

Welcome in my universe and my dedication to Life, to beauty, to harmony and to joy!
Welcome in the journey to noble purpose transformation of the individual, the organization and the collective.

Olivier Onghena – ‘t Hooft