Wisdom Encounters is an inspirational annual gathering of high impact leaders, entrepreneurs & investors who meet in an idyllic Swiss mountain town for a three-day purpose retreat.

What is the noble purpose (our why?) of Wisdom Encounters?
Concretely contribute to the creation of a more harmonious and sustainable economic system, a more balanced and connected society and a better world.

We want Wisdom Encounters to progressively become a global community of collective wisdom and humanity, functioning as an international collegial network of inspirational and empathetic leaders from around the globe, who take concrete, engaging and solution-oriented actions that have positive sustainable impact on a large scale.

By connecting with our true potential and beauty. By sharing our collective wisdom about humanity, society and the world in transformation. By opening up to and learning from each other’s perspectives. By reflecting on ourselves and our actions, and brainstorm on what each of us individually and Wisdom Encounters as a community can do to realize our noble purpose.

This 3-day holistic journey will respond to the following questions:

Connecting the global economic & societal perspective with purposeful loving leadership: What are today’s big challenges where we have a role to play? What solutions are emerging? What shifts are influencing and shaping our economy, our society and the world? How does this influence us and our organizations? What kind of leaders and leadership are needed in this transformation?

Self-leadership perspective: What drives me deeply, consciously and unconsciously? What values and principles lead me? How to be fully authentic & inspirational? How do I deal with ego and power? How can I have the right impact to become an inspiring ‘transformer’ for the new economy, society and world by developing my LovInShip? What is my noble purpose and how do I (want to) contribute to society with it?

Organizational perspective: How can I influence the organization(s) I own, lead and/or impact to become ‘houses of noble purpose’, in order to positively and sustainably impact Humankind, Society and World? How can I engage all stakeholders in a purpose journey and install the best governance? How can my organization spearhead this new world order?

Throughout the journey we use the beauty and wisdom of Nature and the positive energy of the setting to get inspired, to connect with ourselves and to exchange in open council format with each other. Profound group dialogues and sublime mountain walks, yoga practises, breathing techniques and mindfulness, listening to and interacting respectfully with each other, spending time alone and in group, will help us become more conscious, internally aligned and inspired to reconnect our soul, heart, mind and body.

Wisdom Encounters is not about ego, not about power, not about net worth, not about titles, not about creating a power network, not about performance, nor about selling services or products to each other. Wisdom Encounters are meant to be unique human encounters of authentic, inspiring, high impact leaders who want to lead a purposeful Life and actively contribute to Society and the World. Participants experience the Wisdom Encounters retreats as fabulous moments of inspirational thinking and ideas sharing, as an uplifting break from very busy intense lives, re-aligning mind, spirit and body. They allow each one to return to the respective responsibilities with a boost of inspiration and increased clarity about noble purpose and how to serve ‘the world’ with even more courage and commitment.

Wisdom Encounters in Commeire is an exclusive event for a limited number of guests, upon invitation only.

Olivier Onghena-‘t Hooft organizes these Wisdom Encounters together with Bart Weetjens.


“W E gave me the opportunity to take a step back and exchange with a group of very high-quality peers on where we want the World to go, and how culture, business and politics can support each other in that ambition.” Peter de Caluwe, General Director, Royal Opera La Monnaie – Belgium

“An intercultural experience from all perspectives. Very profound experience!” Monica De Coninck, MP & Minister of Labour in the Belgian Government – Belgium

“W E is essential to transform our companies, public services and economy into a world that is beneficial for Man and all other species upon which we rely.” Willem Ferwerda, CEO, Commonland – The Netherlands

“W E is the environment, the space, the people and above all the luxury of spending 3 days to become aware of yourself, beyond the role that has defined and protected you.” Helena Guardans i Cambo, Chairwoman, Webhelp Group – Spain

“This was a most wonderful experience that ‘tantalised’ your mind, body and soul, taking your thinking to new heights. And in some way, it saved my Life!” (the late) Jackie Lynton, Founder, IHO People & social change activist – UK

“A unique occasion to exchange with fabulous people who all share the same challenge: how to act for a better World?” Yves Martrenchar, Global Head of HR, BNP Paribas – France

“A unique opportunity to share with smart and diverse people, to work on sense and positive impact, and get deeply energized.” Laila Mamou, President, Wafasalaf – Morocco

“Prepared and delivered with detail, love, generosity. A very memorable three-day experience. Excited to be part of W E.” Julie Nazerali, Representative, Aga Khan Foundation – UK

“W E is a unique initiative, an important milestone to think/help thinking about Life … A pivot moment for me.” Charles Peugeot, Director, Etablissements Peugeot Frères – France

“An intense and unique experience of sharing (…).” Jan Raes, CEO, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra – The Netherlands

“This kindles the growing need in the world of leaders to come together and make the place better for the next generation through shared values and actions.” Sanjeev Rao, social entrepreneur – India

“W E creates an open and respectful forum for professional and personal exchange of experiences and visions in order to improve and sharpen individual and collective higher purpose thinking.” Guido Vanherpe, CEO, La Lorraine Bakery Group – Belgium

“Best seminar ever for me! I endured a lot of seminars and congresses, I only enjoyed a few. This is something completely different. As if you meet Monthy Python, Mandela and Miles Davis.” Frank Van Massenhove, President, Federal Ministry of Social Security – Belgium

“An extraordinary moment of profound sharing and impressive learning with a unique group of high impact people!” Christopher Wassermann, President Zermatt Summit Foundation & TeroLab Surface Group – Switzerland

“A truly unique initiative and experience! Wow!” Andrea Willmeroth, EVP BoschSiemens Home Appliances – Germany

“What a fabulous experience and authentic deep learning about self and purpose!” Guy Wollaert, former Member of the Management Board, The Coca Cola Company