The GINPI team is specialized in advising a wide range of high impact leaders, entrepreneurs and shareholders.

Our uniqueness comes from positioning Noble Purpose always in the center, and taking each issue, topic, request, need, … always back to the essential question of meaning.

The foundations of what we bring with GINPI find their roots in five essential approaches

The focus of our work can be on
Individual level: how to find purpose in what we do and have the best possible positive impact in and for society and Humankind, and/or

Collective level: how to bring purpose as alignment force in the executive team, group, board room, family office, …, working at the service of society and Humankind, and/or

Organization level: how to successfully transform our enterprise or organization in a high impacting positive ecosystem of increased personal and business performance, of sustainable success, of individual joy and self-actualization, always at the service of society and Humankind?

Most often we work on a combination of levels.
Sometimes we start on individual level before going into the collective level.
Sometimes we are asked to work on organizational transformations, which will need first to deep dive into the individual level and the collective level.