TAURUS International is my boutique enterprise through which I realize another of my passions: help preserve the Brussels architectural heritage, help make public places and locations attractive and renovate residential or semi-professional landmark buildings into its original state.

The roots of the company go back to 1998 when I acquired a unique duplex penthouse, located on the prestigious Brussels Montgomery square, and renovated and redecorated it to such a success that several photographers and design magazines asked to report about it. This became the start of a specific corporate strategy: buying architecturally interesting but run-down buildings, located in excellent or upcoming neighbourhoods. These buildings were than given back their former ’glory’ through intense renovating and interior decorating, or what I call harmonizing.

As I wanted to understand which neighbourhoods were excellent and upcoming, I became more and more interested in all the aspects of city planning, mobility and embellishment. This given, combined with my genuine interest for the development of Brussels as an attractive international cosmopolitan city and my overall passion for harmony, pushed me to start advising public authorities and (foreign) investors on city planning and urbanization projects on an ad hoc basis. You could say that my passion became a ’professional hobby’.

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