Values are a matter of the heart, not of the brain.
They drive our behavior.
They are aspirational, positive and highly connected with whom we became.

It’s through showing who we are that we can create deep connection.

As I work a lot on a very deep level with individual leaders, top teams and complex organizations, I find it key that they know who I am and what I stand for.

  • Authenticity (= being fully myself, accepting & being proud of the unique human being I am)
  • Autonomy (= freedom, independence in thoughts & acts, having the ability to think & decide what I want)
  • Excellence (= striving for the highest standards, no time for clutter, consciousness in time, self-discipline, professionalism, focus)
  • Integrity (= being conscious about & living aligned with my values, show coherent behavior, walk my talk, self-consciousness)
  • Joie de vivre (= enjoy each moment of life, accept mistakes & deceptions as part of Life, have fun, high energy, being in flow with self)
  • Serenity (= put everything in its context, humbleness, holistic view, controlled ego)
  • Sustainability (= in all (inter)actions & relations striving for flow & beauty, long term approach, environmentally conscious & responsible)