• Thu 04th & Fri 05th of July 2019
  • Fri 29th & Sat 30th of November 2019

Joy through Noble Purpose

•   Living with a deep feeling of flow and intense sense of joy, is what most of us aspire. And yet what most of us experience in daily life, is being too much caught up in ‘doing-doing-doing’, having to comply to several systems (relationship, family, team, work, social life, …) and lacking a true feeling of freedom and self-realisation.
•   Therefor too often the essential questions like ‘How can I live a (more) fulfilling
life?’, ‘What to do to really feel accomplished?’, ‘Am I doing the right things in my life and on a professional level?’, ‘How to transform my Life into a meaningful & joyful experience for every single day?’ remain unanswered. Simply because we don’t know how to find the answers. Or when we know what is the right answer we lack the courage or discipline to get there. So, what is holding us back?
•   Living coherently with a higher purpose and a set of core values, that we have
chosen for ourselves, makes all the difference and allows us to transform from ‘having to’ to ‘consciously choosing to’. It sets people on the track to know where to go, what decisions to take and which price to pay for the conscious decisions taken.
•   Self-leadership – having clarity of why we do what we do, create full coherence with our values, beliefs and that what drives our thoughts and actions, establish a balance of our four bodies (the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), safeguard a deep (re)connection with our inner strengths, energy boosters and unique talent(s) – is the basis of everything. Self-leadership is not a business methodology! It is a way of Life that creates freedom, and inspires to bring more beauty, harmony and joy in our lives.
•   In that context Joy Through Noble Purpose©, a two-day meaningful, spiritual, intense and highly interactive transformational experience, was created by Olivier Onghena-‘t Hooft and will address several dimensions of what drives us in life and how we can become truly free and accomplished Men & Women, realizing that special thing we were born for in this life.

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