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GINPI’s main expertise is advising organizational leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners how to successfully transform their organizations in high impacting positive ecosystems of increased personal and business performance, of sustainable success, of individual joy and self-actualization.

We therefor help these leaders, in a very concrete and pragmatic way, to link their organizational strategy, organizational culture and authentic leadership with noble purpose.

1. What do we do on organizational level?

1.1. Bring noble purpose to the center stage

Noble purpose is the essence of any organization. It’s the fuel, the reason of existence, the deeper force, the ‘raison d’être’.
Noble purpose boosts engagement, dedication, belonging and performance of coworkers and leads to measurable increased performance and feeling of flow.
Noble purpose is what people really want to work for in order to feel their contribution is meaningful.
Noble purpose is what attracts the right customers and suppliers, what makes customers ambassadors of your products or services, what makes suppliers partners who go long term instead of transactional.
Noble purpose is so much more than next quarter results, turnover, EBITDA, market share or great marketing slogans!

We help leaders and shareholders to (re)connect with noble purpose: their own, the one from the founders or the new one that is needed for the organizational transformation. And we give Noble Purpose the central place in all there is: leadership, strategy, business planning, culture, …

We accompany leaders to (re)discover why they and their organizations do what they do. And we build from there a new approach to leadership, organizational culture and strategy deployment.

1.2. Develop the right organizational culture

‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’ is an often heard quote.
And we believe it because we have seen many clients whose organizations had solid strategies but weak performance because of the inappropriate cultures (i.e. cultures that did not support the deployment of the strategy). A strong organizational culture guarantees a competitive advantage that is hard to copy – at least in the short term – for others. Culture is walk and the talk of the leaders, and by that the prolongation of who you are as a leader and what values you stand for. Culture sits in the core of the leadership team’s behavior and impacts the entire organizational population. The right culture helps getting all the noses in the same direction and achieving more output with less input.

We help you build the right organizational culture, in line with your noble purpose. We connect noble purpose, leadership, culture and strategy to build high achieving teams and organizations.

1.3. Increase performance through talent management

The entire process of management of human resources or talent, of balancing the efforts of attracting, retaining and developing talent is directly related to the organizational culture you have, and the noble purpose your organization stands for. A strong and sustainable talent management system must be worked into the business strategy and embedded in the overall organizational culture, and must be practiced at all levels of the organization.

We help you rethink why you exist as an organization and why people would want to work for your organization. We help you sharpen the focus on noble purpose and on how to liberate the right amount of work energy, through inspirational and authentic leadership ,the right organizational culture and the spirit of inspiration and belonging. We help you transform your organization from a transactional approach to a sustainable approach.

2. What do we do on board & executive team level?

2.1. Board & executive team alignment

Organizations that are successful are those where the board of directors/supervisory board and the board of management/executive committee are aligned to support together the realization of the noble purpose the organization stands for. When (the representatives of) the share holders and the members of top management support each other to help the organizational purpose come to life and take it’s full place, truly impressive things happen in organizations

We help boards and executive committees to get aligned on the organizational noble purpose.
We help alignment come in by using principles of council, collaboration, systemic intelligence and organizational dynamics.

2.2. Board & executive team achievement

An integration process of the hard and the soft parameters that make a board or a team evolve from sub-optimal or standard performance to high achievement.

We accompany boards and executive teams to evolve from conflict mode to collaboration mode, from fighting against each other with opposing positions to working together for collective interests.
We help the team members become crystal clear what the noble purpose, the values and the culture of their ‘system’ can or should be.
We help them become aware of and create clarity on their respective roles and accountabilities, their relationships and the processes.
Our interventions sometimes takes the form of team building (with outdoor activities). Sometimes it requires team coaching where the team is observed in their meetings, in the interaction between the team members and in the interaction of the team members with their direct reports and leaders.

3. What do we do on individual leadership level?

3.1. Authentic inspirational leadership development

A holistic learning process in which a leader gets advice and support to discover, connect with and/or develop his/her so-called ’inner strength’ and ’inspirational wisdom’. It is a deep and fabulous process that helps reveal or clarify values, life mission and vision, energy boosters and noble purpose, as well as which choices to make to progress in life (both personal, social and professional) and/or when confronted with key decisions to take.
The force of authentic leadership and inspiration sits in the essence of Humankind and is revealed by helping leaders connect with their true self, with their four bodies (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual) and with Nature.

3.2. Executive mentoring

A more intensive holistic approach where we help leaders explore their own issues, build their own insights and self-awareness and develop their own unique ways of handling how they interact with themselves, others and their business by being a mirror to them. We use current issues to examine recurrent patterns of thinking and behaviour, asking penetrating questions and stimulating the leader to take control of issues s/he has avoided. Development of specific competencies is not the goal but can be the indirect result of the work done together.

3.3. Executive coaching

A teaching or training process in which a leader gets support while learning to achieve a specific personal or professional result or goal. It is often a short-term process based on clearly defined skills to develop. It can also be closely shadowing an executive for a period of time to observe what he/she does and provide objective feedback. The structures, models and methodologies of coaching we use are numerous, and may be designed to facilitate learning new behaviour for personal growth, or professional advancement. Often we use a style in which we ask questions and offer opportunities that will challenge to find answers from within one-self. This ’socratic method’ facilitates the learner to discover answers and new ways of being based on their values, preferences and unique perspective.