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The Global Inspiration & Noble Purpose Institute is inspired on a daily basis by Olivier Onghena-’t Hooft, its founder. As the result of a life-changing accident, Olivier Onghena-’t Hooft realized that meaning and fulfilment in life come from discovering and pursuing that what is most important, that what really counts, that with what one can really make a difference to help Mankind, Society and the World progress. It’s something higher than oneself. He transferred this learning into the business and organizational world, focusing on helping (global) leaders, teams and organizations find ‘that one thing’ that matters most to them, and let them align strategy, organizational culture and leadership with noble purpose.

The associates of the international GINPI community are all selected for their authentic inspiration, their high sustainable positive impact and their sound expertise in the GINPI competence areas. They are all former organizational leaders and/or thought leaders and/or senior consultants with international experience.

At GINPI we believe that customers want the right ad hoc team of consultants and advisers to help them solve their issues, develop their businesses, progress with the roll out of their purpose and become more performing.

We have developed what we call the ’Aston Martin’ consulting model: we put together the appropriate (meaning the smallest possible) number of best consultants and advisers to support you. And per client mission we will put together the right team in order to best fit the client’s needs with the least input (and cost) and most output (and financial performance).
This is opposed to what traditionally the classic consultancy firms would do: send ’a bus’ with an overload of people. It is only the driver, the co-pilot and maybe also the technical engineer who would bring the real added value. Most of the others in the bus were merely ’tourists’ but had to be paid for and would disrupt your processes or disturb your organization by running around and asking all kinds of questions to which you already had the answers.
We believe that it makes more sense to come with a hand-made Aston Martin (which we hope will soon be developed in an electric or hybrid version!), a fabulously designed, agile and fast car that drives only a small amount of people who really matter for the project or program. And if a specific project needs more staff in order to serve our global customers and deliver on global projects, we will blend per project the right senior and highly experienced team of international consultants and advisers with more junior consultants and delivery people.

The GINPI community :