Boardfunctions BW crop

Founder & Managing Director of Global Inspiration & Noble Purpose Institute (GINPI)
President of Solbos Ventures
Founder & Managing Director of TAURUS International
Founder & Managing Director of Worldcorp
Founder of the BeLuxFrance Chapter of the Conscious Capitalism Institute

Member of the Board of the Royal Society for Agriculture and Botany of Ghent / Floralies of Ghent (Link)
Member of the General Assembly of the Société Royale des Demeures Historiques et Jardins (Link)

Former Member of the Jury of JUMP’s The Wo.Men@Work Award (Link)
Former Member of the Jury of the Lobby Awards (Link)
Co-Founder & former Board Member at Aula Magna (Link)
Former Chairman of the Board of Navigha
Former Board Member of Voka Brussels Metropolitan
Former Vice-Chairman of LEAD-IN
Former Member of the Jury of Trends’ Manager of the Year (Link)

Honorary Fellow of Hogenheuvelcollege, KUL (Catholic University of Leuven) (Link)

Member of Bercuit Golf Club, Cercle Royal Gaulois Artistique et Littéraire, De Warande
Member of Conscious Capitalism Institute (Link), Global Coherence Initiative (Link), Ethical Corporation (Link)