Noble purpose & ginpi BW crop

I believe that inspiration & noble purpose are the drivers for individual, group and organizational evolution, progress and success.
Inspiration and noble purpose go hand in hand and reinforce each other.
Inspiration and noble purpose guarantee to find the right balances between the personal, social and professional aspects of life, between the different interests of members of a group or team, between the different interests of all the stakeholders of an enterprise or any kind of organization.
Inspiration is the essence of Humankind’s evolution.
There is no creation, no innovation, no entrepreneurship, no art, no scientific invention, nor philosophy without inspiration. Through being genuinely inspired all human beings can become what they really are by finding answers to ‘Why do I live?’, ‘What do I want to achieve?’ and ‘What do I want to contribute?’
Having a noble purpose guarantees each individual, each group of individuals and each organization to ignite the right energy within the right proportions (the least input for the best output) to make that inspiration come live and achieve unique results.
Those individuals who live a Life of noble purpose live with substantially more alignment, joy and energy.
Those teams or groups that have installed a noble purpose in their center or that act from a group noble purpose achieve incredible things.
Those organizations that act from a noble purpose as their way to bringing services and/or products to the market, and thereby contribute to solving societal and human problems, create an immense attraction and generate a very solid engagement of their stakeholders.
Noble purpose is therefore the essence of wellbeing and peace, of progress and innovation, of alignment and respect, of creativity and innovation for the individual, the collective, the society.