vMA’s Young Managers-Wise Mentors project

Tweede jaar

In 2010, when I was board member of vMA-The Management Association (Belgium’s leading management & leadership network), I launched the vMA-The Management Association’s “Young Manager-Wise Mentor” project.

Each year eleven young ambitious managers form a duo with eleven renowned and respected Belgian leaders. The purpose of the project is to further spread the awareness of mentoring in Belgium, to let 11 duos learn from each other and to give the chance to eleven well selected high potentials to take advantage of the wisdom and insights from their respective mentor. We also expose them to other leaders (insights, way of doing, personal experiences) through our quarterly get-together events.

Attached (in Dutch) one 2011 article about the project as such and one 2012 article about the intention and dynamics of the track I am running with Stijn Rommens, my mentee.

For all those interested to be part of the next group of wise mentors, please contact me. For all those interested in being part of the next group of young managers, please contact the coordinator of vMA at info@vma-org.be.

Attached documents

Tweede jaar van het vMA-projekt “Jonge Managers-Wijze Mentors”. Interview in Trends van 6 september van

Olivier Onghena (Wijze Mentor) & Stijn Rommens (Jonge Manager).
Trends 2012 09 06 (PDF – 172.3 kb)

Launching the “Young Managers-Wise Mentors” project
Trends 2010 12 23 (PDF – 281.5 kb)