08/10/2019 – Empower People to Snack Right?

October the 2nd, on LinkedIn, Dirk Van de Put – CEO at Mondelēz International, wrote the following :

Mondelēz International celebrates its 7th anniversary this week, a relatively new company built on the foundations of several brands that are more than a century old. Many of our founding companies were very strongly purpose-driven – from Cadbury with its Quaker roots, to Halls’ quest to help consumers breathe easier in smoggy cities – and we’re fortunate to have this strong legacy to inspire us.

Purpose matters. Consumers, shareholders and stakeholders all expect organizations like ours to play an active role in society and to deliver value beyond financial performance. Consumers choose brands with strong values; companies that excel at creating meaning for consumers outperform the stock market; and investors choose companies who contribute to society and protect the environment.

Our Purpose is to Empower People to Snack Right: We recognize that there is a tension between snacking and eating right. This tension creates an opportunity for us as the world’s leading snacking company. It is critical that consumers can snack, without feeling guilty about it. That’s why our mission is to lead the future of snacking by offering the right snack, for the right moment, made the right way.

What does that mean?

The Right Snack is about offering a wide range of delicious, high-quality snacks from indulgent to wholesome, as well as renovating and innovating our portfolio to satisfy consumers’ contemporary well-being needs.

The Right Moment is about helping consumers with easy access to the right snacks throughout their day, in addition to inspiring Mindful Snacking habits, so we savor each bite and experience more satisfaction.

The Right Way is about ensuring a sustainable supply of ingredients and environmental practices in our manufacturing, as well as taking a stand on important issues and doing business the right way.

We began our Purpose journey just about a year ago, when we introduced our new growth strategy. Since then, we’ve focused on sharing and embedding our Purpose across the organization, engaging our 80,000 colleagues in over 150 markets around the world and prompting them to pause and reflect on how they can play a role in bringing our Purpose to life.

Earlier this week, we connected with over 4,000 of our colleagues and consumers, through a LinkedIn Live chat, and we celebrated our Purpose with colleagues across offices and facilities around the world in our first-ever Purpose day.

To be clear, we’re just beginning our journey as Mondelēz International to be a Purpose-led organization. But what I see shows me that we have right ingredients for success: We have the legacy, the people and brands to make this a reality.

After having read, I still would love to understand what purpose means at Mondelez International.