29/03/2017 – We need more not less Europe

I would have expected the 60th birthday of such a fabulous initiative the EU is, to be more of a genuine celebration. A happy celebration of achievements, solid democratic rights, integration of nations with enriching diversity, increased European citizenship, unity in belonging and pride, freedom to go where you want and when you want, …

It was not much fun though and the energy felt very much like numb!
Too much focus on the Brexit (the most egoistic decision an ignorant part of the UK establishment pushed through), on Trump trying to get the EU fall apart (how can he get that done if we stick together!?), on the lack of coherence in strategic political topics (migration crisis, refugees overfloading the continent, Erdogan’s going nuts, …)!

I plead for a Europe with more coherence, more heart and more purpose.
A Europe that brings nations and its people together in one unified Europe, where pride, belonging and togetherness are essentially important.
A Europe with an outspoken noble purpose, exactly like the founding fathers had defined one at the creation.
I plead for a Europe that is more Europe for the people and less a Europe of rules, procedures and laws.
A Europe that is less ruled by technocrats who focus on ‘files’, but more inspired by visionary leaders who think generations ahead.
A Europe that evolves into a modern and well managed true federation of states, with clear understanding what the Europeans need, and that defines the right tactics to act accordingly.
A Europe that has a less complex governance and a more accessible and inspiring leadership.
A Europe that wants to be the best for the World.
A Europe with outspoken ideas, a solid strategy and a top of the bill diplomacy.
A Europe that elevates the spirits, that supports the peoples and that bans all mediocrity and leveling down.
A Europe that doesn’t give a sparkle of hope to populists, because the Europe of the future is the continent where we want to live, the ‘nationality’ we want to have, the principles we want to live by and the values we want to defend and of which we are proud.
That is the Europe we have to build, together, now!
I am committed!