Interview with Paul van Liempt – De Nieuwe Wereld — 03/03/2021

I recently had the pleasure to be interviewed by Paul van Liempt, for his show De Nieuwe Wereld (The New World). We had a delightful conversation about important topics. About the costs of a long lockdown — economical, psychological, social, and many more — and the question if we shouldn’t be looking for more balance. A balance between control and the elimination of every possible risk on the one hand, and the necessary freedom and positivity on the other. About what it does to us, inherently good humans, when we get fed a steady diet of negativity and fear.

There is an unmistakable parallel between this crisis and how we lead organizations, where we have to look for that same balance. Noble purpose is, as always, our guide in finding that balance.

Please enjoy this interview (in Dutch) and don’t hesitate to join the conversation by commenting or reaching out to me.