EUFOREA Gala Dinner 25/04/2019 Brussels

One third of the local European population suffers from chronic respiratory diseases, including allergies and asthma. Children affected by respiratory allergies are at risk of developing asthma and miss out on many of like’s opportunities.

EUFOREA’s main aim is to stop the epidemic of respiratory allergies and asthma in Europe through multi-stakeholder collaboration in the field of education and research. Research on optimal care, embracing the principles of Precision Medicine, is supported by EUFOREA.

EUFOREA was created in 2015 as an international non-profit organization based in Brussels.

It’s my honor and duty to support this great initiative of Prof. Dr. Peter Hellings, who is at the initiative of this respectful organization.

And it was with great pleasure, as a mecenas, that I’ve assisted the EUFOREA Gala Dinner on Thursday the 25th of April in the Egmont Palace, Brussels.


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