JUMP Forum Brussels – ’ Can femininity create a conscious business?’

On April 1st 2014 JUMP will hold its annual Forum.
Olivier Onghena will act as keynote and plenary conference leader.

To see the entire program : http://www.forumjump.eu/brussels/programme and the speakers panel : http://www.forumjump.eu/brussels/speakers
Gender is who we are, not what we can be – and blending masculine with feminine is the key to personal success, wise leadership and inner power.

This year the JUMP Forum will address this new alliance necessary to build more sustainable businesses and a more balanced and fairer world.
If (in our countries) we all are convinced that a woman has the same importance than a man, it is not the same for the feminine values. No matter if we are men or women, we continue to regard them as secondary or accessories.

The consequences of this way of thinking in our daily lives and for our planet are considerable.
We live in a world dominated by thought and behavior codes that are usually considered masculine. Codes of control, codes of competition, codes of aggression, and a black-and-white point of view that have contributed to many of today’s problems: wars, inequality, pollution, reckless risk taking and business that are not responsible.

J. Gerzema and M. D’Antonio declare that “Feminine values are the operating system of twenty-first-century progress” in the book, “The Athena Doctrine”.
According to them, people who think in a more feminine way are twice as happy and optimistic about the future as those who think in a more masculine way. Countries with higher levels of feminine thought patterns and behaviors have a higher per capita GDP and report a higher quality of life.

Is this the secret to more conscious business? When they embrace feminine values, companies double the resources applied to the challenges they face, and expand their potential for growth.
This shift toward the feminine is not intended to be “the end of men”, but it does suggest a natural balance movement which greatly increases the capacity in both men and women to solve problems and create a good life.

If women are not the only part of the humanity to bring the feminine values, they are most certainly on the frontline. Women have the power to influence. Acting as change agent, women lead change within the organisation. Taking part to the JUMP Forum will help the “change makers” women and men to understand the reasoning behind the change and to communicate it with enthusiasm and efficiency.