Teachings about the Essence of Life 15 – 19/07/2019

Swami Bodhananda 3Swami Bodhananda 2Swami Bodhananda 1It’s very exciting to share the teachings and wisdom of Swami Bodhananda with a group of 12 ‘soul mates’ who feel that such a week of deep diving, self-reflection and learning comes at the right moment. I create a very special context and I want this week to be something you’ll never forget and you’ll always take with you, wherever you go and whatever you do.

The journey takes place from Monday 15th of July through Friday 19th of July. The teachings will take place between 10am and 5.30pm and will start with meditation and respiratory work led by Swami Bodhananda. We will have time for walks, personal integration, deep group talks, moments to relax and have fun after the teachings (it’s summer at the beach after all!).

The teachings will take place in Knokke, at the Belgian coast. It’s a cosy place with sea view, next to the beach & the Zwin dunes, allowing to be connected with nature, go for walks and resource with the sea.

For all details, open this document