Told by Proximus, my story.

How do I keep focus on what I find important? Where do I get my energy? Told in Perspective by Proximus.

I run a consultancy with prestigious clients all over the world. In addition to my consultancy firm, I also advise young leaders, organize inspiration retreats for top leaders from international companies, politics, culture and international organizations in the Swiss mountains, develop real estate activities and I am a member of numerous advisory boards.

How do I keep my focus with so many activities? I spent a lot of time crystallizing out my sense of purpose, my personal reason for existence. I first test everything that I am asked about. If a request does not fit in with that, I simply deny. That is what I recommend to managers: know what is important for you and calibrate all your decisions based on that. But you must be prepared to pay a price for this. And by that I mean not only the financial price when, for example, you refuse a well-paying customer, but also the price to spend less time with your family, or just less time with your company. Many people do not see that.

To cope with my busy work schedule, I try to organize my professional activities as many as possible in nature, I practice yoga, meditation and healthy eating on a daily basis. I try to schedule it whenever I can, for example during a long flight. You cannot keep up with this pace without rigorous hygiene. For me, yoga and meditation are just like brushing your teeth or taking a shower. It’s just something I have to do.