Wired Live 02-03/11/2017 – Tabacco Dockx – London

Excited to share some of my insights of day 1 while getting inspired by, listening to, talking with, learning from, meeting with:

– Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London): “London will become the smartest city in the world.”
(NB: the kind of ambition we could use for Brussels!)

– Whitney Wolfe Herd (Founder of Bumble): “How to normalise meeting strangers w/o the intention of dating/seducing?”

– Anil Seth (co-director Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science): “The world we experience comes as much from the inside out as from the outside in.”

– Jimmy Wales (co-founder Wikipedia): Determining truth in the era of alternative facts.

– Marcus du Sautoy (Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University): “When will technology/machines have consciousness?”

– Lisa Feldman Barrett (Director Interdisciplinary Affective Science Lab): “We are the architects of our experiences.”

– Omar Abbosh (Chief Strategy Officer Accenture): “Through innovation and the courage of the CEO you can achieve anything!”

– Margrethe Vestager (Commissioner of Competition at the European Commission): “It’s about creating a new mentality in enterprises and the role they have to play for society.”

– Ilkka Paananen (Founder Supercell): “The company (NB: worth 10 billion Eur!) is led by creative cells who work super together.”

– Nico Rosberg (Entrepreneur – Former world champion F1): “Peak performance was possible through mental development and meditation.”

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